Lens Baby Composer For Canon EF Mount Fun

Lens Baby has updated their entire line up of special effects lenses recently. I have been using lens babies since the first simple version came out several years ago. The concept remains the same: a simple, low cost, selective focus lens for film and digital SLRs. These things are fun. They are however a bit to gimmicky for most editorial work. I upgraded my 2.0 to one of the new Composer lenses with the interchangeable optics.

Its a step up from the original “bend and focus” style lenses. It allows you to fine tune the movements. Each part of the lens can be locked down so you can more easily repeat the effect. There is also a new focusing ring near the front. I haven’t really figured out how to easily use this new version yet but I did manage to shoot the portrait above with it.

Its a pretty straight forward portrait. No lights, just natural sunset and a park location. If used sparingly, it can be a nice change and can add a little variety to your standard portrait.

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