That 200mm lens sure is heavy!

mwcdwcThere is an increasing trend in photography. Its called “mom with camera” or “dad with camera”. A lot of pro photogs are up in arms about losing business to these type of amateurs. When I see the people above, I don’t really worry about it. The images above are a selection of some of the many “MWCs” and DWCs” I saw at the Dave Sanders Invitational. They all fit the same profile: 200mm lens with a monopod. I don’t think that I have ever put a 200mm lens on a monopod. Ok, so that’s not true. I put the Canon 200mm f1.8 lens on a monopod but it does weigh 6.6 lbs. My personal favorite is the tye-dye Rush t-shirt. I have to add one of those to my wardrobe.

6 thoughts on “That 200mm lens sure is heavy!

  1. Ha Ha. I’m a pro shooter and I’m guilty (sometimes) of putting my 70-200 on a monopod. However, I have an excuse – I have two ruptured discs in my lower back. Luckily I don’t have to do it too often, but it doesn’t stop the heckling I get from my fellow pj’s. That’s okay, it’s all in good fun.


    1. Hey I can understand a legtimate use. I just feel like it is an upsold accessory to people who don’t really need it. I can just see the guy at the camera store selling the 70-200 mm lenses: “I definately reccomend the monopod for that lens, mam/sir.” thanks for checking out the blog Jody!

      1. I agree. I forgot to add in my first comment that I love the L glass with the Rebel body, and I especially love that she is not only using the monopod, but has the strap around her neck. I’d choke myself if I tried that! :~)

        Nice site by the way, Matt. I’m glad I found it.


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