UPDATED: Canon’s Answer to the D3s?

UPDATED see below: Well the internet is again bursting at the seams with Canon EOS 1D Mark IV rumors. Some of these rumors come from fairly reputable sources. Heres a rundown on what a majority of the rumors are saying along with a little commentary.

  • up to ISO 25,600 with H boost to 102,400
  • APS-H (1.3 crop) sensor
  • 10+ frames per second
  • 16mp
  • a new autofocus system with 19 selectable focus points
  • 1080p video with 24fps, possibly 720p at 30fps or 60fps
  • minor ergonomic changes with dedicated buttons for video, live view etc.
  • this one is way out there, but I have been reading about dedicated video accessories such as a mic, viewfinder, etc.
  • price $4999.99

I could get behind everything accept the autofocus system. I currently have several 1D series cameras including the damn good, no I will call it great, EOS 1D Mark II N. If I don’t get at least 45 focus points I am gonna be upset and looking for more used Mark II N or Mark III bodies. I hope the only change with auto focus is that it gets better not worse. I can’t imagine Canon ditching the tried and true system we have had for the last 10 or so years. UPDATED: I’m being told this will a selectable system like 7D but will still have at least as many autofocus points as the 1 series bodies.

I am very excited with the possibility of dedicated video accessories. The one problem with the video in current video capable DSLRs is that the sound is fucking atrocious straight out of the camera. I am not going to make a habit of using the f word on this blog but man the lack of detail from the sound department at Canon is a joke. I see a ton of great cinematic video coming from these cameras but they all seem to have a music track over top of the video to mask the sound. For the visual journalists (or whatever catch term we are using these days) good sound with the images is absolutely necessary. It would be great to carry one (or two) cameras and not have to have an external mic and mixer to get great audio.

Price. Price. Price. The $4999.99 asking price is more than half of what I owe on my car right now. I know these things take a lot of R&D money to work on but even pricing the camera at $3999.99 would make great strides into swaying Nikon users from their gear. BTW anyone reading this better stock up on Canon lenses before Wednesday. I am getting very reliable information about a price increase on lenses coming up. A local camera store has had every lens that it recently ordered from Canon canceled which has historically been an indication of an upcoming change. Its possible that the price increase could be as much as %10 due to the US dollar’s value. Also a couple of lenses in the line up are getting very hard to come by (70-200mm, some versions of the 50mm). But you didn’t hear that from me.

I hope they get it right this time. I am really looking forward to a new Pro Canon body. If you haven’t been to this site yet, check it out. They are pretty hit or miss on info but its worth a read anyway.

UPDATED: There are now samples of the EOS 1D Mark IV video posted by Vincent Laforet here.

UPDATED AGAIN: Its official. see specs here.

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