UPDATED: Being honest is part of being a photojournalist

UPDATED: There have been a number of threads popping up on various forums about gaining “access” to major sporting events as a photographer. One in particular, which makes me wonder how desperate people can get, is where a young photographer has lied to gain access then has been giving away his photos of the events.

Poster Geoff Robins sums it up the best by saying:

“Congratulations! You have successfully undermined every working/aspiring sports photographer.
You have :
1) Lied your way into games, making it more difficult for us who should legitimately be there to work
2) Undervalued photography as a whole. By giving away your work for nothing, it makes it difficult for us pros to make a living. What is it that you do? Can I do it for free just for the experience?
3) Pissed off all those you need to learn from by doing the above things”

Ethics people. ETHICS. If you really want to become a working professional it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Its also important to build and maintain relationships with people that you respect. John Korduner you have lost any small shred of respect you may have had by lying to obtain credentials. You have angered the people that could have helped you to get to a position that you desire. You looked for a path that would give you everything you wanted without having to work for it and, dishonestly, you found it.

This industry is very small and, unfortunately, its getting smaller every week. People in this industry like to talk and they will talk about you John Korduner. Good luck EVER getting credentialed again. I can only imagine that there are now people who will deliberately stand in your way. You should start with an apology to everyone you misrepresented yourself to and a thorough reading of the codes of ethics for photojournalists. Good luck.

UPDATED: It appears that the link is broken and that the post has been removed. It is really unfortunate that it was deleted because this is something that needs to be seen.  Aspiring photojournalists need to see that this is not the way it works.

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