Moms Vs. Moms football


For the last 2 years a group of moms have formed teams to play football to raise money for the PTA. I unfortunately did not get to shoot it last year but I am now going to make sure that I will cover it every year from now on. It is truly amazing the competitive spirit and level of athleticism these women showed on the field. I had a great time making pictures there. They put on a great show.





4 thoughts on “Moms Vs. Moms football

  1. Matthew:
    Thanks so much for covering the tournament on Sunday! These pictures are awesome!

    It was great chatting with you about photography, too. As I offered on Sunday, if you ever find yourself needing to be in two places at once, give me a shout! I love shooting sports events! I’ve got some of my favorite sports pics posted at

    Also, if you are interested, please join us at the Evergreen Camera Club. It’s a great group of shooters, with varying experience, but all with a desire to share, learn and grow. We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, at the Bergan Firehouse Annex Building. The 2nd Wednesday is our feature meeting, when we bring in a well-known photographer to show their stuff; the 4th Wednesday is our “Tips and Techniques” meeting. All this info can be found at

    Annie Coppock

  2. Hi Matthew-
    Thanks for the great photos! You do a great job capturing the action and yes we took it very seriously. The danger of middle age women! We hope to see you next year.


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