old-skool case for Canon g10


I just picked up a nifty new case for my Canon G10. It’s the PSC-5200 case made by Canon. Apparently these were promotional items that were to be given away with the purchase of a G10 but the Mike’s Camera near Park Meadows Mall is selling the case with a 4gig Dane-elec SDHC card for $39.99. I have been looking for one of these state side for a long time. They have been available overseas in a variety of colors and materials since the G7 or G9 came out. I really like how it makes the G10 appear to be a really small range finder. Its a nice leather (I think) case and you won’t be able to find one cheaper anywhere else in Colorado. They are available online from ebastard but ship from New York and don’t include the memory card. Beware of shady camera sellers from New York. There is a good article about it here from a credible source. I would go grab one before they run out or Canon finds out they are selling them instead of giving them away with new G10 purchases.

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