Sideline Dangers Revisited

Last night while shooting at Jefferson County Stadium it happened. I was focused on the action down field and a player was shoved out of bounds resulting in a flag and crashed into me and my 300mm lens. I didn’t take the full hit but I took enough of it to smash the camera into my face, knock my glasses off and completely destroy the auto focus, image stabilization, lens hood and tripod mount ring on the lens.

The camera body which I had purchased literally a week ago was dusty but not damaged. If that wasn’t bad enough my other camera with my 24-70mm f2.8 lens broke my fall. It survived with a few scrapes and appears to focus and zoom fine. The camera body on that lens was my trusty EOS 1D Mark IIN and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking as if nothing had happened. Oh yeah, did I mention that my 16-35mm f2.8 lens was in my belt pack. Somewhere in the tumble I managed to land on it as well. It doesn’t appear to have sustained much damage although the zoom and focus rings now seem to be a little more loose.

If you are keeping score that would be 2 lenses that need to be overnighted to Canon Professional Services on Monday. I really need to get them back by the weekend. Hopefully the 300mm lens is not beyond repair. Its still in one piece, technically. It has become such an asset to shooting sports that I am not sure what I would do without it. I guess if its beyond repair I will just have to suck it up and finally get a 300mm f2.8. That is not really in my budget right now but I have to have something longer than 200mm.

So the moral of this story is…I’m not exactly sure. I was doing everything right by keeping my eye on the action and my surroundings. It was a hit after the whistle that I didn’t see in part because of the other people on the sidelines blocking my view. There probably wasn’t anything that I could do to avoid it. So I will box up my lenses, send them off to Canon and pull out my credit card. I hope the publisher will understand the my next expense report.

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