5A Football Play offs: Columbine vs. Chaparral

Football Play offs are upon us. I couldn’t be happier. (Well, I guess I could because I could really use my 300mm lens that was run over on the sidelines last week.)

With only 2 teams left in our coverage area still in the running, my schedule is settling down and I can actually shoot the entire game without having to run off to shoot 2 (or more) games in one night. Speaking of night, so far all the play off games have been during the day. This is great: low ISOs, high shutter speeds and full buffers. It makes finding the right game defining moment a lot easier when I can choose from a sequence of images instead of choosing what is in focus.

The Rebels managed to defeat the Wolverines. It took them 4 solid quarters of to accomplish it but a win is a win. They advance to the next round which is unfortunately a night game in Boulder. One more Friday Night Lights to go….probably. Anyway this might be a little late but here is a series of photos from that game. Pretty good for only having a 200mm lens to use. Enjoy.

My favorite part about the photo above is that when it was printed they somehow managed to crop his finger off. Not sure how that worked out but the designers weren’t paying attention to the details.

Read more about the game in the Columbine Courier.

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