Nobody wants your stuff

Being a photographer, I am always in search of a deal. I rarely pay full price for any of my equipment. Craigslist is often a source of great deals if you act fast. I actually bought 2 US Canon 580EX IIs, in great condition, for $500…for the pair. That’s right, $500 for the pair. It was a deal that I couldn’t afford to pass up.

With the constant battle between Canon and Nikon users, people switch systems more frequently than they probably should. There are a large group of people who have to have the latest and greatest equipment regardless of brand. This results in a “fire sale” when people try to dump their “old” gear as fast as possible. These are the deals you want to go after. If you have the cash you can buy whole systems for the cost of a body.

Craigslist is also a place where people are trying to make a quick buck. There are a ton of listings for overpriced or worthless gear. Here, here, here and here are perfect examples of what I am talking about. Nobody wants this stuff. It has been listed and re-listed for months at the same prices. This is the kind of stuff that should just be thrown out. Stop wasting time trying to sell these or better yet donate them to a charity for a right off. Just get them off of Craigslist.

The values of film equipment have fallen to near record levels. Medium format Hasseblad systems often appear for 25% of their original purchase prices. If you are going to list things, (especially 35mm film cameras) make sure you have an idea of what they are worth. There are many forums, publications and used retailers such as that can help you price things to sell. Do your research and you won’t end up being made fun of here.

Speaking of buying, I am working on an in depth post about where you should be buying your next camera or lens from. The piece will feature both local and online retailers with short reviews of the strengths and weaknesses of both. Look for that after Thanksgiving.

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