One down, one to go

It was a cold night in Boulder for 5A football. As temperatures dropped so did the chances for Columbine to advance to the next round of play offs. The game was close. Both teams were held to a touchdown apiece. It was the Fairview field goal that would ultimately make the difference.

I always like to make fun of the photographers who convert all their digital images to black and white. If you want black and white, shoot film. Well after color correcting these images for pre-press, I think I kind of like the way they look. So make fun of me if you want but sometimes black and white can help “color” a photo story, especially if your team loses.

As far as technique is concerned, I used the old strobe on a rope for most of the action stuff and then boosted my ISO and ditched the strobe to shoot the after game reaction shots. Most action photos were somewhere around ISO 800, 1/250th of second, f4 with the strobe set to manually sync at 1/4 power. The after game shots were anywhere between ISO 1600 and 2500 with shutter speeds and aperatures hovering in the 1/125th to 1/60th and f2.8 to f4. It was a pretty dark field.

Probably one of the best moments of the game was when a sideline-shooting-soccer-mom asked me if I could help her “set her camera’s numbers.” Good stuff. A big thanks to the Daily Camera’s Kasia Broussalian for keeping me entertained on the sidelines. Its always a pleasure to shoot along side some one with a good attitude in this industry.

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