Always, always keep your eye on the action

This goes without saying for most sports photographers but sometimes you just need to say it: ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE ACTION. A couple of nights ago a photographer by the name of Steve Russell was hit in the face with a puck that was cleared into the corner by goalie Ryan Miller during a Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres game. He was ok but it is still pretty scary. Russell kept shooting the rest of the game after trainers checked him out. Miller ended up giving him his goalie stick at the end of the game. Nice to see that Miller cared to see if he was ok. Check out the video.

2 thoughts on “Always, always keep your eye on the action

  1. That is awesome. Reminds me of the javelin toss a couple years ago. ouch. Cracks me up the announcers actually thought what I would “at least my gear is ok.” Funny. Miller is a good guy.

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