The Year In Blog Stats

I thought I would post some of the stats about the users of this blog. The numbers are pretty interesting.

  • matthewjonasphoto started on 10/07/2009
  • In the first month, 802 people visited
  • In 2009, an average of 912 people visited each month
  • The busiest day was 10/22/2009 with 96 pageviews for one post
  • The site averages 32 views per day
  • 41 people have commented on posts
  • There are 83 posts in 13 categories with 409 key word tags
  • There are 2 subscribers and 2 email subscriptions

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has visited and commented on the blog. I am really surprised how much traffic I get sometimes. Here’s to making 2010 even bigger than 2009.

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