The sad start to a new year

I went into the South Jeffco office this morning to start editing pictures for the next weeks issues and the first thing I saw was the empty office of my former co-worker and friend Dan Johnson. He was the sports editor for our group of weekly papers for the last 5 years. The walls of his office were once filled with sports banners, posters and credentials from events. You can read his final column in last weeks Columbine Courier. He will be missed. I hope that I won’t see too many more of those photos this year.

5 thoughts on “The sad start to a new year

  1. I didn’t know Dan was one of the losses. He was great to work with as a shooter. He respected and valued our contribution and ideas. I hope he lands somewhere worthy.

  2. As a Columbine Currier reader and fellow photographer/writer I’m sad to read about Dan leaving the newspaper as Sports Editor. While unfortunate (for the paper), he has every reason to believe that his next adventure will be more exciting than his last and, in fact, as it should be. I too was part of a layoff last year, concerned, but secretly thrilled to be given the opportunity to start my own business. I know he will find the same inspiration.

  3. That’s a strange and sad sight. Dan was the anchor in that office, the only consistency were his UFC posters and New York Football Giants memorabilia. There’s almost nothing left in that office from when I was there. . . and that was only two years ago. What an industry!

    1. Yeah its a little strange how sterile the walls and desks look these days. There are only a handful of people that actually work down there now. The office is moving to a smaller location when the lease is up this year.

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