UPDATED: Times are tough, not this tough

UPDATED: A lot of us who still have the passion to pursue photojournalism are now picking up non-editorial jobs or are dipping into the freelance market. Some of us are offering our services in ways we never would have considered when we got into this career. However, there is still a line that we must ethically adhere to. When I freelance I make it very clear to myself and my subjects what the intent of the project is.

A well known photojournalist, who even spoke in the photojournalism program I graduated from, is now offering a “workshop” in Haiti…for $4000.00…per student. And the proceeds from this “workshop” are going to____? Its not clear. I can’t help but feel that this is nothing but exploitation of the people in Haiti. Photojournalism is suffering right now and this is one of the reasons its having problems. Conflict photography will always have a place in the world, but when people forget about what is important and start thinking about themselves the point is lost. Another sad day for photojournalism. Times are tough, but they are not this tough.

UPDATE 1: It appears that many of the negative comments on his “workshop” site have been deleted and he is now claiming that %50 of the proceeds will be donated to a hospital that was allegedly destroyed. Still 4 students x $4000 – %50 = $8000 in his pocket. Enlightenment of the human condition or betterment of the self?

UPDATE 2: The “workshop” is gone. It looks like the wrath of the internet has taken its toll.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Times are tough, not this tough

  1. 50% of the proceeds from this workshop go to Hospice Saint Joseph in Port au Prince, Haiti which cares for refugees and offers medical outreach to those affected by the disaster.

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