What A Great Trip

© Matthew Jonas 2010

I started my professional career as a photojournalist about 5 years ago and what a great trip it has been so far. The bulletin board in my home office is covered in Press Credentials from events I have covered over the years. I already have made some great memories, met some amazing people and made some iconic images in my short career. As bad as things have been lately, I still love what I do and I still can’t imagine doing anything else.

(Not really sure who took this one)

The photo above is me shooting a Metro State NCAA D2 Basketball game in December of 2005. I was working for the college paper and I believe that is the first photo of me ever taken when I was on an assignment. And yes, that gym really was/is that dark.

3 thoughts on “What A Great Trip

  1. Love it, some of those creds look familiar. They have upgraded the lights in the gym, but miraculously…not much better. Keep it up, it’s a great ride anyway.

    1. I found that in my glove box about a week ago while I was cleaning out my car. I can’t believe I still had it. Also I probably need to clean out my car more than once every 3 years.

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