Film in the vegetable drawer

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Last week I decided to load up a roll of 120 into my twin lens. If you are like me and many other photographers, you keep your film in the vegetable crisper drawer. I popped open a box of Kodak TMAX 100 and found 2 rolls of exposed film inside. Apparently that film has been in the fridge for a couple of years. I had the film developed and scanned over at Englewood Camera (Chris, you did an awesome job). Boy was I surprised by what came out. In 2006, I took a Hasseblad SuperWide to California. The photo above is from that trip. I can’t believe the film survived more than 4 years in the fridge. I also can’t believe that I didn’t have the film developed the minute I got home. One thing is for sure, I really need to get a SuperWide again and shoot more film.

© Matthew Jonas 2010

3 thoughts on “Film in the vegetable drawer

  1. great shots! doesnt look like time had any effect on it. i just got myself my first TLR too.. an old yashica mat. n im looking forward to some fun with it. but yeah, this goes to show that film can really be stored for long periods of time without any effect.. and that refrigerating does help! good post, cheers!

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