iPad for Photographers Link Roundup

Now that the iPad with 3G is out I figured it was time to take a look at how photographers could utilize one. I have rounded up a selection of links related to the iPad, photography and blogging. Check it out.

  • iLounge.com – Reviews: Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
  • photo.net – Is The iPad a Serious Tool for Photographers?
  • youtube.com – Photogene (app) for iPad video
  • youtube.com – PixelMagic (app) for iPad video tutorial
  • wordpress.com – WordPress for iPhone OS 2.4 with iPad support for mobile blogging
  • photoshelter.com – Wider Angles: The Apple iPad. Publishing Evolution? Photography Revolution?

2 thoughts on “iPad for Photographers Link Roundup

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog. You know I haven’t had that much luck with the wordpress app on the iPhone either. I was hoping that the problems I had with using such a tiny screen would be cleared up in the new version.

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