The Liberty Belle Video Project

The Liberty Foundation brought the 1943 Liberty Belle B17 out to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport this weekend. On Monday, they had a media day including a short flight or at least they had planned to if it wasn’t so damn windy. 35 mile per hour sustained winds kept us on the ground but I still put together a short video piece.

Obviously, I would have liked to have taken the flight not only because it would make for great HD video but also it would have been a blast. Speaking of video, it is the second one that I have produced this year. Once again it was a learning experience. The more I use the 7D for shooting video the more I like it. Here is what worked and what did not work.

Audio. I used a couple of Sennheiser mic setups to gather the audio. The first was the Sennheiser MKE400 shotgun mic. It worked well for the louder sounds of the engines and outside the aircraft for some run-and-gun interviews. I also used a borrowed set of the wireless Sennheiser G2 lavalier mics for the interviews. I did 2 interviews both of which were inside the plane. I chose to shoot the interviews inside because it was extremely windy outside. I also didn’t have a windscreen for the lav mic. The automatic gain control that everyone complains about wasn’t as big of a problem as I believed it would be. All of the audio was straight out of the camera. Most of it required little to no post production work. In normal situations there seems to be enough ambient noise to keep it from being noticeable. When using the lav mics it is noticeable but only if you know what to listen for. Overall I would say that for web video most people won’t notice.

Video. Keeping the video still at focal lengths over 50mm continues to be a challenge. Even while using a tripod there were times when I was pulling focus that were apparent in the video. A short stabilizer for hand-held shots is needed for short to medium telephoto lenses. I shot a majority of the footage with a Canon 16-35mm f2.8L lens. The 24-70mm f2.8L lens also works well for interviews and general shooting. Something wider than 16mm would have been nice for some of the interior shots such as the Canon 10-22mm EF-S lens. Another problem that I had was that I didn’t shoot enough b-roll. I was anticipating having some in flight footage and that didn’t materialize. So going forward I plan on shooting a lot more b-roll footage to cut in with interviews.

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