Some Observations On Covering Motorcross

Today I had the opportunity to cover a couple of local riders at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Lakewood. It was my first time shooting motocross but not my first time shooting motorsports. I will post some pictures later on tomorrow or the next day. Right now I want to write down a few observations and ideas. I definitely learned a few things for the next time.

  1. It was a lot of fun, it was a lot of work and I want to cover it again in September.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to apply for credentials: you won’t get the access you want or need. (I’m blaming the reporter on this for right now)
  3. Get to the track earlier next time. Seeing a course map ahead of time doesn’t give as good of a picture as I thought it did.
  4. A 300mm lens is probably long enough.
  5. Motocross is one of the few sports that using a flash to fill is acceptable practice during the race.  I didn’t know this.
  6. Video is the new still. I saw so many HDSLRs in action during the race, in the pits, before the start, everywhere that I probably should have been shooting some video too. I’m not sure where it all goes or where its all posted though.
  7. There are at least a couple dozen, regularly published motocross magazines.
  8. Rockstar is the new Redbull. Their branding was everywhere. I only saw a couple of riders or tents with Redbull logos. I drank what I think Rockstar called a recovery lemonade. It was probably the only Rockstar drink I have had that I liked. It HAD A LOT OF CAFFEINE.
  9. I didn’t recognize a single other photographer who was covering the races. That’s rare in Colorado.
  10. I was clearly the new kid on the block as only 2 of the other photographers covering the races actually said “Hi’ to me. Thanks to those guys.
  11. If you are the only person standing near the corner of the track and a hay bale gets knocked loose they might ask you to put it back.
  12. I need to figure out if there is a live radio broadcast to listen to. It would help to find out that the rider you had been shooting in first place got passed on the last lap in a place you couldn’t see.

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