Photo Positions at High School Fields?

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Yep. I was shocked too. Last week I was covering a summer league baseball game at Thunder Ridge High School. I was shooting through the fence and a man who was working the concession stand said told me there was a dedicated place to shoot from off third base. I was expecting a hole in the fence. What I found when I walked up was an elevated platform next to the dugout.  It was high enough that when I was shooting with a 300mm lens on a monopod that it would clear the top of the fence. As I was shooting, the TRHS coach told me it was built by a parent who shot a lot of games there. Who would of thunk it? (A big thanks to whoever built it!!) I need to get on it and start asking the teams that I regularly cover if I can build these. It would make my life a lot easier. Anyone else have dedicated photo positions at High School Fields or Stadiums?

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