Canon S95: the Professional Point and Shoot

Photo Courtesy of Canon

This week Canon announced the PowerShot S95, an update to their popular advanced point and shoot the PowerShot S90. After reviewing some of the added features I think I am sold. I had a quick hands on with the last version which I wrote about here. I really like the form factor of the S90 so I am glad that that has remained unchanged. Here’s a quick list of the new features.

  • 720p HD at 24fps Video Recording with Stereo Sound
  • 3.0inch PureColor II G LCD Display, 461k-dot
  • HDR shooting mode (really? embrace the light, don’t fight it)
  • Slimmer Body, 29.5 mm thick
  • The Same External Coating (paint/texture) Used on the Canon EOS 7D
  • 1st Canon point and shoot to use the Hybrid IS
  • Revised Control Dial with Better Click-stops for Settings
  • XDHC Card Compatibility

Photo Courtesy of Canon

I have been debating whether or not to buy one of those HD pocket camcorders for sometime. I really wanted a point and shoot with some advanced features but didn’t want to sacrifice when it came to HD video. I also didn’t want to carry 2 devices with similar functions. When I initially saw the S90 I was sold until I realized that it did not shoot HD video. Canon could have left off the RAW shooting feature and thrown in HD video. How many times have you used your point and shoot on RAW? My G10 has it. I have never even tried it. If I am worried about shooting RAW, the chances are that I am probably shooting one of my EOS 1Ds. With all of the other fantastic still camera features such as the f2.0 lens, full manual control, metal body, 28mm wide angle lens, 10mp sensor and a DIGIC IV processor, I’m not even going to think about buying a pocket camcorder anymore. I’m gonna save the money and use it towards buying an S95. That’s a done deal. Complete information for the PowerShot S95 here.

2 thoughts on “Canon S95: the Professional Point and Shoot

  1. Good read,
    Last year I sold my DSLR and got myself a Canon G11 (a point & shoot) and never looked back.
    I bring the lil beast with me everywhere and its even inspired a photo blog.
    Its true, the best photos are the ones where you bring your camera!
    If you wish to follow my adventures or simply browse some point and shoot pics, hop on over to:

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