What Happens When a Photographer Takes a Vacation

© Matthew Jonas 2010

It’s extremely rare but I do occasionally get to take some vacation. If you want to know the truth I actually had to take some vacation or it would expire at the end of the year.  That is pretty much how I imagine most staff photographers do it. When most people go on vacation they start off by packing clothes. Not me. I usually start by packing cameras. After I am satisfied by the variety of equipment I have packed I move on to clothing. This year I took 3 cameras (only 3!?!): a Seagull TLR, a Leica CL and a Canon G10. I left all of my DSLRs at home. The camera that saw the most “action” was my TLR. I ran a couple of rolls of film through it while visiting the Cabrillo National Monument in California. The photos attached to this post were all shot with the TLR and then scanned. I suppose that kind of defeats the purpose of shooting film but I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore.

© Matthew Jonas 2010

© Matthew Jonas 2010

© Matthew Jonas 2010

3 thoughts on “What Happens When a Photographer Takes a Vacation

  1. Really great shots, thank you for sharing them; also, kudos for taking a legit vacation (ie no digital gear :).

    I definitely aspire to be that guy with only a medium format, something like your Seagull, taking just a few pictures and simply enjoying where I am.


  2. Yeah, I bet it is. Sanity is definitely good, and for the modest price of an occasional vacation it’s definitely a good investment. ‘Welcome, and best regards!


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