UPDATED: Now This Looks Interesting: Canon XF100

Photo Courtesy of Canon USA

UPDATED: The Canon Expo 2010 is underway in New York today and earlier this week they unveiled a couple of flash memory based, single chip, professional HD camcorders. They record full HD (1920×1080) to compact flash cards up to 64gb and feature a plethora of manual controls and professional audio options. Some of the final specs are still unknown including the price unfortunately. One of the best parts about this camcorder is the size: just 4.8 x 5.8 x 9.8 in. not including the lens hood or mic mount. That is really tiny for a camcorder with as many features as it offers. I have just about had it with the audio problems of the EOS 7D. I was really hoping that Canon would release a firmware upgrade for manual audio this week but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. If this camcorder comes in anywhere near $2000, I think I am selling my 7D and buying one of these. UPDATE: It looks like the price for the XF 100 is going to be around $4000 and the XF105 will be around $5000, so buying one of these is probably out of my budget. I see a lot of ENG professionals and low budget documentary film makers using these in the near future. Check out the full specs here.

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