After 3 Years…

September 4th, 2010 marks 3 years at Evergreen Newspapers. I look back on those 3 years and have put together a list of not-so-monumental moments to remember.

In 3 years I have:

  • Won at least 13 photography awards that I can remember
  • Broken 2 cameras and 3 lenses
  • Destroyed 2 personal relationships
  • Lived in 4 different houses/apartments
  • Put 60k+ miles on my car, replaced 3 full sets of tires, changed my oil 19 times and changed 5 flat tires
  • Developed several professional relationships
  • Started 2 blogs and 1 personal portfolio website
  • Made at least 6 photos of people who have now passed away
  • Been verbally assaulted by numerous defendants coming out of the court house
  • Started 3 long term documentary projects and finished 0
  • Joined 2 journalism organizations and 1 professional organization
  • Drank approximately 624 energy drinks (let’s be honest, that’s probably low balling it)
  • Made pictures of countless house fires, forest fires, brush fires
  • Received $0.00 in raises
  • Bought and sold 3 digital cameras
  • Screwed up my income taxes twice
  • Experienced more through the stories of my subjects in 1 year than most people will experience in a lifetime

Not bad. Here’s to the next year.

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