Wednesday Web Links 2/23/11

It’s that time of…week…again. Wednesday web links.

  • Do you ever feel like you are in a creative slump? Every time I have to put my contest entries together I get that feeling. Apparently that’s not uncommon to have. Over at the Black Star Rising photo blog David Saxe tackles the subject in a post titled To Overcome the Creative Block, You Must First Embrace It.
  • As a small town photojournalist, I get a lot of interesting assignments. And by interesting I mean I get to answer the question “why would you ever cover that?” from my non-journalism colleagues. Over at the Toronto Star Photo Blog, photographer Carlos Osorio has a post titled Hazel Turns 90. It’s filled with great little moments that answer that question.
  • The Denver Post’s photo blog (Plog? Awful name. Sorry guys) takes a look at fashion week in New York with a post titled In Focus: the Fashion Society. Some of the behind the scenes and runway setup pictures are fantastic. Picture 14 by Evan Sung of The New York Times is a great example.
  • The next link does not have as much to do with the pictures as it does with the devices used to make them. Tokyo Camera Style is a blog devoted to the photo culture of Tokyo, specifically the film shooters. Film? What’s that? Alive and well in Japan, that’s what.

That’s it for this week. Post a comment if there is something I should be reading. It might make it onto next weeks Wednesday Web Links.

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