UPDATED: Wednesday Web Links 3/2/11

Wow, another week has slipped past. Wednesday Web Links coming at you in, 3, 2, 1. Get it? You are so clever.

  • There are ways for professionals to behave in this industry. I have seen some pretty unprofessional behavior at local events lately by both print and television media. In a post on Son of Bold Venture titled The Press Box Rules, blogger Chris Jones tells it like it is. And a related post titled The Locker Room Rules isn’t a bad read either (just a warning, there are a few dick jokes). A lot of the rules here pertain to both reporters and photographers.
  • The Pictures of the Year International 68 winners have been posted. This contest is always filled with some great pictures. Every year there are also some “hmmmm?” pictures as well. Either way it’s good to look at pictures from some of the best shooters in the world and gain some inspiration. It’s also a testament to the power of great photojournalism.
  • I am an Apple fanboy. There I said it. I don’t care what you think. I have to mention the announcement of the iPad 2. Dual Core A5 chip, 33% thinner than the first one, front and rear facing cameras, no contract 3G data from either AT$T or Verizon and a whole lot more. I want one. I’m going to justify it as a business expense so I can use it to show potential customers my portfolio.
  • A company called Square, which allows you to accept credit card payments on your iPhone, has changed some of it’s billing procedures to be cheaper for users. They have dropped the $.15 per transaction fee and made it a flat 2.75% for all transactions. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay. This is a stellar deal to be able to accept most credit cards. There are normally a lot of fees to operate a credit card terminal and Square has managed to cut most of them out. Your customers can’t use the “I don’t have any cash” excuse anymore.
  • Over at the Canon Professional Network, speedliter Syl Arena has posted a multipart series titled Getting the Most From Speedlites. If you don’t know Syl, he is the Canon TTL equivalent to Nikon’s McNally. This is good stuff and well worth a read. I have been a Canon shooter for years and there were still things that I learned from this series.

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