A Steep Learning Curve

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

There is a lot to say about my first month at the Longmont Times-Call. Mostly, it was trial by fire. Some things worked out and some things fell through the cracks as I struggled to keep up with the pace of a daily news cycle again.

The biggest change has come from being a one-man-band to managing 3 one-man-bands. I am now part of a staff again which has solved as many problems for me as it has created. I now worry about what 2 other people should be producing as well as what I need to do to make sure they can do what I want. Make sense?

There are a slew of new technical issues to work out as well. As we (slowly, sometimes) transition to the “Digital First” model, we are challenged to produce a wider variety of content than we ever have before. This includes but is not limited to video, stills and galleries of photos, sometimes all from the same assignment.

Overall the limiting factor right now is time. This will be a challenge for us as a staff to overcome. Good video takes a lot longer to edit than I remember. And as much as I hate to admit it, I am less than thrilled with what I have been able to produce thus far. At least I am not limited by technology.

Technology is both my friend and my enemy. I now shoot Nikon at the paper. I know…I know. You thought this was a Canon only blog. I can’t begin to say enough good things about the D3s and D700 I get to use. The other staffers will get new Nikon D4’s as soon as the order comes in. I am honestly a little jealous. Those things see in the dark!

When the iPad first came out, I wrote a post about using it as a tool to transmit photos during breaking news . I am very excited to say (after working out the bugs) that I used an iPad 2 today to send photos of a car vs. bicyclist accident from the scene. Soon we will be able to send video as well (I hope).

Facebook, twitter and probably a few other outlets I am forgetting are playing a much larger part in my daily life than I thought they ever would. I have already learned to make sure that whatever gets posted to social media needs to be checked and checked again to make sure that it is perfect. It only takes one reader/user/viewer to point out that, for instance, the captions to a photo gallery are not showing up properly to make you feel like shit the rest of the day.

I will admit that updating this blog has not been as much of a priority in 2012 as it was in 2011. Things are starting to settle down a bit now and that should help. Here are a few photos from the first month. Enjoy.

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

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