Friday Night Lights

© Times-Call 2012/MediaNews Group 2012

Love it or hate it high school football is back. I shot my first game last Friday night and had a pretty good time. The Nikon D4 is probably the best camera I have ever used to shoot football. Paired with a 300mm f2.8 it performed almost flawlessly. Making sharp pictures was easy. Here’s a few from the game plus what the printed page looked like. Enjoy.

© Times-Call/MediaNews Group

© Times-Call 2012/MediaNews Group 2012

© Times-Call 2012/MediaNews Group 2012

And finally, here is what the printed page looked like in last Saturday’s Times-Call. I have to hand it to the sports page designers, they did a great job laying out the page.

© Times-Call 2012/MediaNews Group 2012

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