Live iPad coverage with iPhone, OWLE and Ustream

Photo Courtesy of OWLE

A couple of months ago I wrote a short post about using an iPhone for visual story telling. Today a site I regularly read called The Unofficial Apple Weblog used the OWLE, an iPhone 3GS and an app called Ustream Broadcaster to report on features of the new iPad directly from the Aspen Grove Apple store. They took questions from their site and almost instantly were able to answer them through a live demo. This is exactly the kind of forward thinking that will propel journalism into the future. They used existing technology and seamlessly created an interactive broadcast for relatively little cost. Newspaper people pay attention. I really enjoy reading TUAW and they also have a Colorado connection which makes it even better. If you are not already reading it, check it out.

iPhone photos capture military in Afghanistan

Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder was embedded during the last major military operation in Afghanistan. Along with his SLRs, he took his iPhone and with an unidentified photo app made “Polaroid” photos of the military. AP has a gallery up here. These are pretty nice images. It just shows how much the eye of the photographer matters and how the medium he uses does not. Check it out.

Canon 5D Mark II firmware for ENG

Over at DSLR News Shooter, there is a post about using the new 5D Mark II firmware for ENG work. Now that you can manually adjust the audio levels and disable the Automatic Gain Control it sounds great. However, it seems like there are still too many work-arounds needed to monitor the audio. I’m curious as to why more people aren’t using one of these from BeachTek? Anyway check out the post and listen to the video above by Dan Chung.

Canon to purchase top level domain .canon

Interesting. Canon announced on Wednesday that it intends to be the first company to ditch the .com and move to .canon. This comes from a recent decision that would take advantage of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to increase the number of top-level domain names available. The new TLDs are only available to corporations, so I guess matthew.jonas is out the question, and are slightly more expensive than a .com at $185,000 plus miscellaneous other fees still to be determined. Essentially what this means is that Canon has a bunch of time and disposable income right now after their recent price hikes on lenses – just kidding (not bitter). What it really means is that domains will become shorter, particularly in email addresses. For example: would become john@canon and the companies web site would be located at http://canon. Why is this important? I’m glad you asked. I foresee a possibility of .photojournalist or .media or .photographer to spring up. I don’t particularly see a great impact on the internet or search engine optimization for these TLDs but it would be neat to have a matthewjonas.photographer domain. More info here. posts 33 page review of EOS 1D Mark IV

Digital Photography Review has posted a 33 page review of the the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. It is one of the first reviews using the new system. Interesting read. Pretty much covers everything you would ever want to know. Check it out. On a side note, I really should have requested a loaner from CPS to try out during state wrestling this weekend. Probably could have skipped the fill flash. Maybe next year.