Best. Canon. SWAG. EVER.

UPDATED: This is probably one of the coolest collectors items I have ever seen. They were given away to shooters at the Vancouver Olympics by CPS. I want one. It looks like that might actually happen too. The Camera Store in Canada is taking pre-orders for it now. It is sold out folks. Hopefully these will make their way to the US soon.

A New Angle for Basketball

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Hey Karl, I’m not sure that the 3 point line is a CHSAA approved photo position for basketball. Just kidding man. Click here to check out his photos from state basketball play offs yesterday. Good stuff as usual. I should have a few images up later today as well.

Uhh, about that custom WB

I went to shoot a hockey game the other night and set a custom white balance. I made a picture of the ice and then selected it as my reference frame for the white balance. It usually works great…usually. Something possessed my camera to produce the color above. For once, chimping actually saved my assignment. I railed off a few frames and then checked on the camera’s LCD to get a rough idea of the color would be like. Boy was I surprised. I switched back to Auto and everything looked fine, so I just ran with it. Anyone else ever come across a custom white balance like this? That frame is basically straight out of the camera. I just resized it so it wouldn’t be gigantic and take up too much bandwidth.

Black Friday Deals?

Just curious, did anyone actually get up to get any of the items I listed on my previous post? I think the scariest thing I saw today was the Jefferson County Sheriffs Deputies and STEEL FENCING that surrounded the entrance to Walmart. Just an FYI most of those deals that I mentioned are available online and will ship for free or a discounted rate. I actually did manage to snag 2 of those 8gig Ultra II CF cards at Staples for $19.99. Tell me what you got and if its still available. Thanks.