Nobody wants your stuff

Being a photographer, I am always in search of a deal. I rarely pay full price for any of my equipment. Craigslist is often a source of great deals if you act fast. I actually bought 2 US Canon 580EX IIs, in great condition, for $500…for the pair. That’s right, $500 for the pair. It was a deal that I couldn’t afford to pass up.

With the constant battle between Canon and Nikon users, people switch systems more frequently than they probably should. There are a large group of people who have to have the latest and greatest equipment regardless of brand. This results in a “fire sale” when people try to dump their “old” gear as fast as possible. These are the deals you want to go after. If you have the cash you can buy whole systems for the cost of a body.

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sometimes its all in the details


Its the little things in pictures that can lead to a lot of head aches down the road. I’m not talking about bad white balance or composition. I’m talking about what your subject is doing or looks like they are doing. I had already written a cutline and color corrected a similar image (with a better facial expression) for pre-press when i took a closer look. Yeah, the baby totally looks like shes flipping me off. There are about a dozen frames like it with the same gesture. Had I went ahead and published this I would probably come back to email and voice mail about how we have “no standards” for what we will print and how “offensive this was” to some of our readers.

I am reminded of a time when the former Rocky Mountain News published a photo of man who’s house burned in the Hayman fire. He was wearing a pair of revealing shorts and from the angle that the photo was made appeared to show one of the man’s testicles protruding. The photo ran the full width of the page. The photographer paper claims it was just a shadow. Careful editing could have saved them from a lot of reader insults not to mention it would have kept the man from being embarrassed. While the photo above is not nearly as important or as controversial its a good example of why you need to pay attention to the little details.


Today I crossed the 500 view mark. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. It took just over 2 weeks. I really appreciate everyone’s comments and views. Keep it up. More to come.

Moms Vs. Moms football


For the last 2 years a group of moms have formed teams to play football to raise money for the PTA. I unfortunately did not get to shoot it last year but I am now going to make sure that I will cover it every year from now on. It is truly amazing the competitive spirit and level of athleticism these women showed on the field. I had a great time making pictures there. They put on a great show.

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Pumpkin Fest at Chatfield Botanical Gardens


Every year we cover the Pumpkin fest at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield. I guess I cover it. I don’t know that last time we have actually published a story about it. It usually makes for some great photos. A great editor once told me, “kids and dogs, that’s what sells papers.” I hate to admit it but in my market that is often the case.

The pumpkin fest attracts all kinds of people including kids and dogs. With the weather as nice as it was, this year was no exception. I think that the photo above gives you the general idea of the experience.