A Steep Learning Curve

© Longmont Times-Call 2012

There is a lot to say about my first month at the Longmont Times-Call. Mostly, it was trial by fire. Some things worked out and some things fell through the cracks as I struggled to keep up with the pace of a daily news cycle again.

The biggest change has come from being a one-man-band to managing 3 one-man-bands. I am now part of a staff again which has solved as many problems for me as it has created. I now worry about what 2 other people should be producing as well as what I need to do to make sure they can do what I want. Make sense?

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Angst for the Memories Evergreen

© Matthew Jonas 2012/Evergreen Newspapers 2012

“Can you be here Monday?”

In August of 2007, I got a phone call from a former college instructor that would start my career in photojournalism. In the span of a couple days, I packed up everything I owned and drove 1700 miles back to Colorado in just under 24 hours.

I was excited to have landed my first staff job. I hit the ground running. I dove into every opportunity that I had. And as much as I complained (what else are photographers good at?), I enjoyed every second of it.

So here I am 4 1/2 years later about to take the next step in my career. You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with a goose?

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CHSAA, GWCs and 15 Yard Penalties

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

Everyone loves a good photo of their son or daughter from the big game. With the cost of professional level digital photography equipment dipping into consumer territory, its easier than ever to make that photo. Therein lies the problem.

Last Friday, I covered the first in state Columbine High School football game against Thomas Jefferson. In all the years I have covered high school football, I have only been asked to produce a credential a handful of times. Usually I would be asked at the front gate of the stadium and that would be it. However, this year was a surprise. A woman who I believe to be the athletics director for TJ, (my fault for not remembering her name) actually asked me for my press credentials while I was working on the sidelines.

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Up and Running…Well Almost

After almost more than a month and a few dozen theme changes, I have finally made some of the updates to the blog that I had planned. I am still working out the bugs and for some reason still having formatting issues with older images. So without any further wait, ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!

Major Revisions Coming Soon…I Think

Stay tuned for some major revisions to both my blog smalltownphotojournalism.com and to my portfolio site matthewjonas.com. Right now I am evaluating everything from content to design and trying to make some tough decisions about the future of my web and social media presence. Thanks for being patient.

Professional Attire

I understand that you want to be on the sidelines. I understand you want pictures of your daughter playing soccer. I understand that you want to justify purchasing $3000 worth of camera equipment to your wife. But understand this: if you want to act like a professional, you need to behave like a professional.

There are certain rules that you must adhere to in order to be on the sidelines. The lines on the field are there for the safety of the players, coaches and referees. When you cross over that line you are directly in the playable area. Referees run through this area. Players will dive into this area to save the ball from going out of bounds. This is not a safe place to be.

And lastly, you have to wear shoes on the sidelines. I’m not sure what gave you the idea that this acceptable but it is not. Please dress accordingly.

I’ve Only Been Here 4 Years

© Matthew Jonas 2011

About once a week, I get asked the question, “how long have you worked for the (insert paper here)?” I started working for Evergreen Newspapers in 2007. In September of this year I will have been here 4 years. I have to wonder sometimes. Is this the way people see me? That would explain why I don’t get recognized very often.

Going Behind the Wall

We knew it was going to happen eventually. On March 2, 2011 the Canyon Courier, Clear Creek Courant and the High Timber Times are going behind the paywall for all non subscribers. I have mixed feelings about going behind the paywall. On one hand we have been giving away our content for far too long. It costs money to do what we do, plain and simple. When people who are subscribers do not resubscribe at the end of the year because they can just go online and read it for free something has to change. That is a business model anyone can understand. If you are already a subscriber, not much will change. You will still get the paper and you can still read everything online. To read full stories as a subscriber you will have to log in. Your subscriber number is your password. Your email is your user name. Its that simple.

For everyone else, there will still be some content provided for free. Jefferson County government stories and breaking news will continue to be free because we will end up publishing many of the stories in multiple papers, some of which are distributed for free. However, most sports coverage, feature stories and general news stories will only be available to people who have registered and subscribed to, at the very least, the online version. There is a lot of information that will be available to subscribers that you will not find in any other local paper or on any other TV station. This information is valuable and in my opinion should be paid for.

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