different letter, same great taste

I really wanted the domain name for smalltownphotojournalist.com but it was already in use by another photographer. So I am changing the name (by one letter) to smalltownphotojournalism and moving on. It makes sense for me to use photojournalism instead of photojournalist because this blog is about more than myself, its about my subjects and the way I tell their stories. Its also about more than just still images, its about video, audio, or a combination, pretty much anything used for story telling. With that being said, starting today the main blog will be located at smalltownphotojournalism.com-with an m not a t. If you are regular reader, make sure to update your links. If you are checking this out for the first time, subscribe to the blog at the bottom right column or subscribe to the twitter feed @photojmatthew. Thanks for looking. That is all.

Hello blogosphere?!

Well, here I am. I figure that when I am not shooting, I spend so much time in front of my computer that I should do something useful with it.

I am going to try to break my weekly posts into a couple of categories. I am also going to try to remember to post at least 3 times a week if my assignment schedule will permit it.

The categories will be gear, insight, technique and photojournalism. It’s pretty broad but it should give me enough of an opportunity to write about some things I am familiar with. So its off to the races we go.