HDSLR Video We All Should Aspire to Produce

The video above comes from The Guardian in London. It was shot by Felix Clay on an unnamed HDSLR (my bet is Canon 5D Mark II) and edited by Elliot Smith and Shehani Fernando. This is just one video from Laura Barton’s series called Barton’s Britain in which she travels throughout England, Scotland and Wales to create a visual story of modern Great Britain. In my opinion (and the opinion of the UK Press Photographer’s Year 2010 Awards) this is outstanding work. Finding a visual style in photojournalism is tough. It’s clear that Felix Clay has found his. There are several more videos on the Guardian’s site that showcase this as well. Check it out.

Zoom H1 for HDSLR Audio Recording

Samson Zoom H1Photo Courtesy of Samson

This looks interesting. Samson is set to release a Zoom H1 recorder that they seem to be marketing to HDSLR users. A quote from their product page:

The H1 will easily shoe mount on top of a video or DSLR camera. And because it has a standard ¼-20 mount on the bottom, you can place the H1 anywhere on your rig. Use the stereo output jack to connect directly to the audio input on your camera, or bring the audio into your editing suite using the USB connection.

I wonder if the audio level from the recorder will work with a standard stereo mini cable or if a Pinknoise cable with a -25 DB pad will be required. I have been thinking about replacing my aging Edirol R-09. The H1 might be an inexpensive solution.

Affordable LED Lighting for HDSLRs

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Finding affordable LED lighting solutions for HDSLRS seems to be impossible. There are lots of cheap options but very few affordable choices for full featured LED lighting…or so I thought. A couple of weeks ago I began a quest for an upcoming shoot that would possibly require a little bit of on-camera lighting. Actually if I was going to see anything at all it would be necessary. I will be shooting video inside a mine. So I turned to the internet and started shopping.

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The Liberty Belle Video Project

The Liberty Foundation brought the 1943 Liberty Belle B17 out to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport this weekend. On Monday, they had a media day including a short flight or at least they had planned to if it wasn’t so damn windy. 35 mile per hour sustained winds kept us on the ground but I still put together a short video piece.

Obviously, I would have liked to have taken the flight not only because it would make for great HD video but also it would have been a blast. Speaking of video, it is the second one that I have produced this year. Once again it was a learning experience. The more I use the 7D for shooting video the more I like it. Here is what worked and what did not work.

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Columbine Memorial: 11 Years Later Video Project

April 20, 2010 marked the 11th anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School. Classes were canceled and media attention of the day was actually pretty low key compared to the seemingly endless coverage over the last 10 years. For the first time there were no official events planned for recognition of the tragedy. The community will never forget but it is starting to move on. For the most part, our coverage in the Columbine Courier would be minimal. I decided to take my Canon EOS 7D down to the memorial and try to put together a small package for the web. The video above is what I came up with. For more technical details and explanations click “more” below.

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NAB Brings the HDSLR Goodies

I really wanted to go to the National Association of Broadcasters Expo this year. Due to financial reasons that didn’t happen. Thanks to dslrnewsshooter.com I can find out about the accessories that matter to working photojournalists. There are 2 things that I really wanted to see or hear about this year: a support designed for the true photojournalism style of “run and gun” video and something that will help me get better audio straight out of the camera.

NAB didn’t disappoint. RedRock Micro is set to introduce a smaller set of supports that don’t include a follow focus unit or rails. This is pretty much what I have been looking for since I first got my Canon EOS 7D. Check out the video below for more information.

Juicedlink has been in my sights for a long time. Ever since Danfung Dennis mentioned that he was using one for HDSLR video, I have been interested. Now they are set to release the DT454 that not only cancels out the Automatic Gain Control of the 7D it also gives you 2 balanced and 2 unbalanced inputs for mics. 48v phantom power is also provided over the XLR connectors. Great stuff for being able to gather good, clean audio in camera as opposed to using an external recorder. I am going to pre-order one ASAP. Check out the video below for more information.

Agence France Presse: wire service video with HD DSLRs

I just stumbled upon this. Its a really nice piece about Hong Kong women and their tattoos. It was shot entirely with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II by AFP photographer Ed Jones. I thought that AFP was a Nikon only wire service? I also know that AFP has its own video service. So this now poses the question: has the technology made the jobs of the video shooters obsolete? or has it effectively doubled the workload of the still shooters? I love the style and quality of the video shot with these cameras but now worry about the jobs of my fellow still shooters. Do media companies really think that they will be able to “crowd source” this quality of content? I guess its adapt or go extinct. Anyway enjoy the video. Watch it in HD here.