Canon 300mm F4 IS: A working photojournalists review and backstory

300mm lens 0299
UPDATED SEE BELOW: I finally decided that I need to purchase a 300mm lens. I used to say that I could do about 90% of my daily assignments with 2 lenses: a 70-200mm f2.8 and a 16-35mm f2.8. And for a couple of years when I wasn’t covering a lot of sports or when I was working for a paper that had great pool equipment*, that was all I needed.

When I took my job at the Canyon Courier I brought with me all of the gear I had amassed as a freelancer on the east coast. Remember boys and girls Freelance is a nice way of saying unemployed. No job=no pool equipment or a freelancers trunk is the pool closet. I had the basic gear to complete any assignment from biz profile portraits to editorial work that the local papers or clients needed. A 300mm f2.8 was a luxury that I couldn’t afford and truly at the time I didn’t need.

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