Boulder Street Photography

Boulder Street Photography© Matthew Jonas 2013/

Sometimes I pretend that I am a “street photographer” when I need a change of pace.

Photo joke:

Q. What is the difference between “street photography” and photojournalism?

A. Cutlines.

Pearl Street in Boulder is a great place to people watch. Take a look. Enjoy.

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Boulder After the “Storm”

Boulder Snow© Matthew Jonas 2013/

I went out after the “blizzard” to make a few pictures of the aftermath. As you can see there wasn’t nearly as much snow as TV media had reported. This is what happens when TV has to do their own reporting instead of being able to use an already published print source for their information, but I digress. Pavement that otherwise would be a forgotten element in a picture becomes a great source of interesting light. Reflections from signs on buildings and cars can add depth to a flat surface. Shooting during the blue hour, the time just after the sun is completely below the horizon but still illuminates the sky, bathes everything in cool colors. Click through for a few more. Enjoy.

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One down, one to go

It was a cold night in Boulder for 5A football. As temperatures dropped so did the chances for Columbine to advance to the next round of play offs. The game was close. Both teams were held to a touchdown apiece. It was the Fairview field goal that would ultimately make the difference.

I always like to make fun of the photographers who convert all their digital images to black and white. If you want black and white, shoot film. Well after color correcting these images for pre-press, I think I kind of like the way they look. So make fun of me if you want but sometimes black and white can help “color” a photo story, especially if your team loses.

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