UPDATED: Canon’s Answer to the D3s?

UPDATED see below: Well the internet is again bursting at the seams with Canon EOS 1D Mark IV rumors. Some of these rumors come from fairly reputable sources. Heres a rundown on what a majority of the rumors are saying along with a little commentary.

  • up to ISO 25,600 with H boost to 102,400
  • APS-H (1.3 crop) sensor
  • 10+ frames per second
  • 16mp
  • a new autofocus system with 19 selectable focus points
  • 1080p video with 24fps, possibly 720p at 30fps or 60fps
  • minor ergonomic changes with dedicated buttons for video, live view etc.
  • this one is way out there, but I have been reading about dedicated video accessories such as a mic, viewfinder, etc.
  • price $4999.99

I could get behind everything accept the autofocus system. I currently have several 1D series cameras including the damn good, no I will call it great, EOS 1D Mark II N. If I don’t get at least 45 focus points I am gonna be upset and looking for more used Mark II N or Mark III bodies. I hope the only change with auto focus is that it gets better not worse. I can’t imagine Canon ditching the tried and true system we have had for the last 10 or so years. UPDATED: I’m being told this will a selectable system like 7D but will still have at least as many autofocus points as the 1 series bodies.

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Dear Canon, where is the answer to the D3s?


UPDATED (see below):I will admit that I was once a Nikon shooter. When I made the switch to digital there were very few options for professional, high speed camera bodies intended for the working photojournalist. I looked at what canon had to offer and was not impressed so I chose to go with Nikon. After a couple of years with unsatisfactory results with a couple of D2H’s and then a couple of D200’s, including the almost constant problems, manufacturing defects and piss poor customer service, I switched to Canon. I have been pretty happy with the cameras I have purchased and the customer service. I really like Canon pro service. I haven’t had to use it very often but am impressed with their attention to detail and understanding of the needs of working professionals.

However, I am getting to the point where I feel that what Canon has to offer will not fit my needs as a photojournalist. I have several of their EOS 1D series bodies, none of which produce a file over ISO1600 with noise levels anywhere near what Nikon can currently offer. The Nikon D3s which will be capable of shooting at an ISO equivalent of 102,400 – in near darkness. As I have mentioned before, I do use ISO 3200 with pretty consistent results but this is where my options stop. The cameras I own do not offer anything above ISO 3200. There are certain circumstances where having the liberty to boost my ISO above 3200 is almost a necessity.

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