Photojournalism still lives at Metro State

Over the last 2 weeks, I filled in for my mentor and former photojournalism professor, Kenn Bisio, at Metro State College of Denver. It was an entry level class into photojournalism. I think I taught as much as I learned from the students.

Photojournalism is a learning career. Almost everyday I am presented with a new photographic problem that I need to solve. Being in the classroom again was definitely a learning experience. I learned a lot from looking through the PJ 2600 students’ work. I saw the beginnings of great story telling opportunities. I saw the frustration of trying to come up with a unique story idea. “Everything has already been shot,” a student (you know who you are) said last night during a critique. I replied, “yes, but not by you.” And the student who said that will probably have one of the most interesting stories of the class.

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