Favorite Basketball Photos From the 2010/2011 Season

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

Basketball season has come to an end. All of the teams we cover have been eliminated from the playoffs. It was a long season. I must have shot 30 games this year. Out of those 30 games only a couple of them were not lit. My light kit (blogged about here) worked great for most assignments. Every year my timing gets better and I enjoy the challenge of lighting different gyms more and more. I have selected a few of my favorite pictures from this season. You can see a few more over at my sportsshooter.com member page here. Thanks for looking.

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5A Football Play offs: Columbine vs. Chaparral

Football Play offs are upon us. I couldn’t be happier. (Well, I guess I could because I could really use my 300mm lens that was run over on the sidelines last week.)

With only 2 teams left in our coverage area still in the running, my schedule is settling down and I can actually shoot the entire game without having to run off to shoot 2 (or more) games in one night. Speaking of night, so far all the play off games have been during the day. This is great: low ISOs, high shutter speeds and full buffers. It makes finding the right game defining moment a lot easier when I can choose from a sequence of images instead of choosing what is in focus.

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