‘Tis the Season to Stock Up On Some Used Gear

Saw this on Craigslist today. I swear I buy more equipment from people who wanted to “go pro” and are giving up than from shops these days. Not a bad deal as a package but I don’t really need all that stuff. One day people will realize that becoming a professional photographer is less about gear and more about the pictures that you make. Until then I will continue to buy their used equipment.

Nobody wants your stuff

Being a photographer, I am always in search of a deal. I rarely pay full price for any of my equipment. Craigslist is often a source of great deals if you act fast. I actually bought 2 US Canon 580EX IIs, in great condition, for $500…for the pair. That’s right, $500 for the pair. It was a deal that I couldn’t afford to pass up.

With the constant battle between Canon and Nikon users, people switch systems more frequently than they probably should. There are a large group of people who have to have the latest and greatest equipment regardless of brand. This results in a “fire sale” when people try to dump their “old” gear as fast as possible. These are the deals you want to go after. If you have the cash you can buy whole systems for the cost of a body.

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