CHSAA, GWCs and 15 Yard Penalties

© Matthew Jonas 2011/Evergreen Newspapers 2011

Everyone loves a good photo of their son or daughter from the big game. With the cost of professional level digital photography equipment dipping into consumer territory, its easier than ever to make that photo. Therein lies the problem.

Last Friday, I covered the first in state Columbine High School football game against Thomas Jefferson. In all the years I have covered high school football, I have only been asked to produce a credential a handful of times. Usually I would be asked at the front gate of the stadium and that would be it. However, this year was a surprise. A woman who I believe to be the athletics director for TJ, (my fault for not remembering her name) actually asked me for my press credentials while I was working on the sidelines.

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Some Observations On Covering Motorcross

Today I had the opportunity to cover a couple of local riders at the Thunder Valley Motocross Park in Lakewood. It was my first time shooting motocross but not my first time shooting motorsports. I will post some pictures later on tomorrow or the next day. Right now I want to write down a few observations and ideas. I definitely learned a few things for the next time.

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What A Great Trip

© Matthew Jonas 2010

I started my professional career as a photojournalist about 5 years ago and what a great trip it has been so far. The bulletin board in my home office is covered in Press Credentials from events I have covered over the years. I already have made some great memories, met some amazing people and made some iconic images in my short career. As bad as things have been lately, I still love what I do and I still can’t imagine doing anything else.

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Sideline Dangers


A couple of months ago a Colorado photographer/sports reporter was taking notes at a football game and got crushed by 2 players as they were falling out of bounds. He suffered serious injuries that may keep him from being able to walk or at least walk unassisted for the rest of his life (the photo above is not him, its explained below). It happens when you let your guard down an has probably happened on more occasions with lesser consequences. “Knock on wood,” it has never happened to me. I have come very close several times including while I was shooting at a 76ers game in Philly. NBA players are a lot bigger and heavier in person than they look on TV. I saw this at a game I was covering last week.

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