Gambling with Remotes, Content, Etc.

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Sometimes the best picture that comes from your remote camera is the one you used to test it. I look thrilled to be shooting cross country, don’t I? Better luck next time. As you might have noticed I haven’t had much time to update the blog. I have been super busy trying to find enough content to fill the pages of the 5 newspapers I work for. Yeah, you heard that right. The sizes of our papers are actually increasing. Ad revenue is up, expenses are down and all of our papers have been profitable in the last couple of months. Go figure.

Speaking of good things. All of the new newspaper websites will soon be live. You can go here to see what the new design looks like compared to the old one here. One thing that may or may not be a good thing are the inclusion of blogs. I may end up migrating this, or at least parts of it, over to the new sites. I haven’t decided yet. For those of you that subscribe, I would love to hear your opinions. Sound off in the comments or on twitter.

One of the staples of the new websites will be multimedia. Above all that means more content online. It should have been that way from the start but it wasn’t a priority. I’m not really sure it should be a priority now due to the fact that according to our website visitor numbers we have half the number of page views than subscribers to the physical paper. Small town journalism at its best. People still read the paper and I still drive by empty single copy sales boxes a couple days after we publish.

I should have a post about our “video solution” coming in the next week or so. I actually need to get a couple of videos up online before that will happen though. That about sums it up right now. Off to FCE to edit!

That 200mm lens sure is heavy!

mwcdwcThere is an increasing trend in photography. Its called “mom with camera” or “dad with camera”. A lot of pro photogs are up in arms about losing business to these type of amateurs. When I see the people above, I don’t really worry about it. The images above are a selection of some of the many “MWCs” and DWCs” I saw at the Dave Sanders Invitational. They all fit the same profile: 200mm lens with a monopod. I don’t think that I have ever put a 200mm lens on a monopod. Ok, so that’s not true. I put the Canon 200mm f1.8 lens on a monopod but it does weigh 6.6 lbs. My personal favorite is the tye-dye Rush t-shirt. I have to add one of those to my wardrobe.

Dave Sanders Invitational Cross Country


Every year the Dave Sanders Invitational cross country race descends upon Robert F. Clement Park in Littleton. And every year I try to do something a little different with the way I cover it. I have had a hard time recently becuase it seems that we (the papers) are covering a lot of cross country races and I feel like I am running a little thin on inspiration.

Time was also a problem. I had to cover the Mountain Bowl in Evergreen directly after this race so it was shoot, shoot, shoot and sort it out later. I chose to focus on the team spirit or school spirit instead of the individual runners themselves. Sometimes its all in the details.