Wednesday Web Links 2/23/11

It’s that time of…week…again. Wednesday web links.

  • Do you ever feel like you are in a creative slump? Every time I have to put my contest entries together I get that feeling. Apparently that’s not uncommon to have. Over at the Black Star Rising photo blog David Saxe tackles the subject in a post titled To Overcome the Creative Block, You Must First Embrace It.
  • As a small town photojournalist, I get a lot of interesting assignments. And by interesting I mean I get to answer the question “why would you ever cover that?” from my non-journalism colleagues. Over at the Toronto Star Photo Blog, photographer Carlos Osorio has a post titled Hazel Turns 90. It’s filled with great little moments that answer that question.
  • The Denver Post’s photo blog (Plog? Awful name. Sorry guys) takes a look at fashion week in New York with a post titled In Focus: the Fashion Society. Some of the behind the scenes and runway setup pictures are fantastic. Picture 14 by Evan Sung of The New York Times is a great example.
  • The next link does not have as much to do with the pictures as it does with the devices used to make them. Tokyo Camera Style is a blog devoted to the photo culture of Tokyo, specifically the film shooters. Film? What’s that? Alive and well in Japan, that’s what.

That’s it for this week. Post a comment if there is something I should be reading. It might make it onto next weeks Wednesday Web Links.

The 2010 Year in Photo Galleries

Oh yes, oh yes, it’s time for the 2010 Year in Photos galleries. The following list is made up of galleries I have been browsing through. Check it out.

  1. Boston Globe, The Big Picture, 2010 in Photos part 1, part 2 and part 3
  2. Sports Illustrated, Pictures of the Year
  3. The Denver Post, Plog, The Year in Pictures
  4., The Year in Pictures – 2010 Year in Review
  5. Getty Images, Year in Focus Digital Book
  6. The Longmont Times Call, Joshua Buck, 2010 Photos of the Year
  7. The Boulder Daily Camera, Class of 2010 Visual Yearbook
  8. Stern Magazine (German), 100 Interesting Sports Moments
  9. The New York Times, Lens, Memorable Moments of 2010: Sports
  10. The New York Times, Lens (by month, lots of images), 2010: The Year in Pictures

Denver Post getting ready for iPad

© Matthew Jonas 2010

“Nobody will change to HTML5 video because of the iPad,” said Adobe flash fans. I think the 300k iPads sold this weekend say otherwise. I was at the eye doctor this morning and was browsing the internet with Safari on my iPhone 3GS while waiting for a checkup. I clicked over to the and where I would normally see the all-to-familiar-blue-flash-plugin-box, instead was a graphic that said iPad compatible video coming soon. What a change 2 days makes. Apple has a significant hold on the portable browsing market with the iPhone. With the introduction of the iPad, they are only strengthening their grasp. Content providers are now starting to look more seriously at the mobile market.

A New Angle for Basketball

© Matthew Jonas 2010

Hey Karl, I’m not sure that the 3 point line is a CHSAA approved photo position for basketball. Just kidding man. Click here to check out his photos from state basketball play offs yesterday. Good stuff as usual. I should have a few images up later today as well.