Fuji Instax Wide in Lyons Colorado

Lyons, Colorado, Meetup, Photography, Fuji X100s, Fuji Instax Wide 200

© Matthew Jonas 2015 / http://www.matthewjonas.com

Sometimes it is good to step away from my DSLRs and get back to something that seems less disposable. Last weekend I took my Fuji Instax 200 Wide to Lyons, Colorado on a Boulder Area Photo Walk meetup. All photos shot with my Instax camera then photographed with my Fuji X100s set to 1:1 format ratio. Enjoy.

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What Happens When a Photographer Takes a Vacation

© Matthew Jonas 2010

It’s extremely rare but I do occasionally get to take some vacation. If you want to know the truth I actually had to take some vacation or it would expire at the end of the year.  That is pretty much how I imagine most staff photographers do it. When most people go on vacation they start off by packing clothes. Not me. I usually start by packing cameras. After I am satisfied by the variety of equipment I have packed I move on to clothing. This year I took 3 cameras (only 3!?!): a Seagull TLR, a Leica CL and a Canon G10. I left all of my DSLRs at home. The camera that saw the most “action” was my TLR. I ran a couple of rolls of film through it while visiting the Cabrillo National Monument in California. The photos attached to this post were all shot with the TLR and then scanned. I suppose that kind of defeats the purpose of shooting film but I don’t have access to a darkroom anymore.

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Polaroid is back! But at what capacity?

The impossible project has somehow convinced polaroid to re-issue instant film. The announcement came from a press conference in Hongkong on October 13 from the Polaroid licensee, The Summit Global Group. However, this will most likely NOT be a full release of all versions of the old instant film. In the press conference they stated that they will produce a limited edition instant film sometime during the middle of 2010 in both color and black and white. My hope is that there won’t be a set amount of film which will be bought up in great quantities by ebay (ebastard) sellers and then scalped at astronomical prices. They plan to have a full scale production of the instant film by the end of 2010, but it is unsure whether or not this will actually happen. People want to shoot the film, not collect it. If they are only going to issue a small quantity I will stick to shooting my Fuji Instax 200 Wide camera with film that is readily available in my local camera stores.