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I made the picture above during an interview the other day. No artificial lights were used. Sometimes you just can’t beat the natural light coming from a great, big, window. I usually stay away from doing the black and white conversion with my pictures but I in this case I felt like it fit the mood well.  You can read the full story about U.S.M.C. Lance Cpl. Marcus Uribe in this weeks Columbine Courier.

A Hero Reflects

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Deer Creek Middle School math teacher Dr. David Benke takes a moment to reflect after receiving an award for his bravery from Head Instructor Matt Young Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 at Exclusive Marshall Arts. Benke disarmed and held the shooting suspect Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood until Jefferson County Deputies arrived. Because of his quick thinking he managed to save the lives of many at the school. For this the community is grateful. He is a very humble man and I truly believe that he deserves the respect he has garnered. However, I think he is getting pretty sick of the media at this point and its probably time for us to give him his space.