Fuji Instax Wide in Lyons Colorado

Lyons, Colorado, Meetup, Photography, Fuji X100s, Fuji Instax Wide 200

© Matthew Jonas 2015 / http://www.matthewjonas.com

Sometimes it is good to step away from my DSLRs and get back to something that seems less disposable. Last weekend I took my Fuji Instax 200 Wide to Lyons, Colorado on a Boulder Area Photo Walk meetup. All photos shot with my Instax camera then photographed with my Fuji X100s set to 1:1 format ratio. Enjoy.

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Impossible Project’s Polaroid film on sale

The Impossible Project is poised to start shipping it’s Polaroid instant film this week. It won’t come cheap at around $24 for 8 exposures (yikes! that is $3 a photo) and will initially be available only in black and white. It will however be available in the PX100 film format for the SX-70 camera and in PX600 format for Polaroid’s One series cameras. Polaroid is expected to ship its new OneStep cameras later this year. Color versions of the instant film will also go on sale sometime this year. More information at the-impossible-project.com.