Not bad for ISO3200 at 1/15th

© Matthew Jonas 2010

The files that come out of the Canon EOS 7D continue to amaze me. This photo was made in an extremely dark bar/cafe in Evergreen. Shot at ISO3200, 1/15th at f2.8, 70mm. Take that Image Stabilization. I would not have dreamed of making a photo under these conditions with my EOS 1D Mark II N. Perhaps a second 7D is now in order? Click on the photo to see the actual color.

When Did I become so dependent on ISO3200?


I used to light almost every indoor sports assignment. Lately it seems like I don’t have the time to set up lights or they just aren’t allowed. If I had to boost my ISO above 1600, it meant that it was probably time to break out the lights.

Gymnastics is one of those indoor sports where you are not allowed to use a flash. It would be great if High School gyms were lit like the stadiums in the Olympics but that is never the case. F2.8 and ISO3200 are the only way to go if you want to stop action. I have come to accept the way the photos look at 3200. I have been using a custom white balance with anything above ISO800. It cuts down the time I have to spend in post production to get the photos to look right. With high ISO images, the less you have to color correct, crop or tone on each image, the better the end result will be.

I definitely see a future where lights are just to costly in both time and money to be used. Hopefully I will have found a couple of cameras with cleaner files above ISO3200 by then.