Favorite Photo of the Week 10/17


This is a photo I made during an assignment at the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office garage in Golden. They often bring children to the garage to play on everything from a patrol car to the snow rescue vehicle that they have for some reason. One of the most popular vehicles for the children to play on is an M113  transport vehicle. It’s basically a tank. Why the Sheriff needs a tank, I hope I will never find out. (But if I do find out, I hope to have my camera ready.) The hatch on the top of the vehicle makes for some great photos though.

I switched to spot meter to make this image. I could see this photo happening ahead of time so all i had to do was wait.

inmates learn new skills


I am a sucker for a story about “second chances.” This last week I had the opportunity to work on a short essay about Jefferson County inmates who are learning a new trade – outdoor water feature installation. Yeah, that’s what I said – outdoor water feature installation or fountains as they are known to you and me.

Under the supervision of Jeffco Sheriffs and Barry Fox, of Falls by Fox, inmates designed and built 2 water features. As part of the training, the inmates get a one for one time bonus on their sentences. For every successful day of labor they receive one day off of their sentence.


I have been in and out of various jails and detention facilities throughout my short career. Not for the reasons you think, but to document life inside. I have a problem with trust, that is I pretty much trust no one. I have had equipment stolen, my car broken into, threatened with physical injury and been lied to about pay for my work. Yet as I work on these stories, I never once thought about being attacked or having my cameras smashed or stolen. I find that if you want to be treated with respect you have to show your subject some respect regardless of what kind of a checkered past they might have.

You can read about the inmates and their work on the fountains in this week’s issue of the Columbine Courier.