Cheap Video Solution for Newspapers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Web video is here to stay. And with the roll out of the new web platform I mentioned previously, we have been tasked with creating video content for all of our publications. I really want this to work out for us but I have made it clear to our editorial management that this will not be a “quantity versus quality” endeavor. Not every story will include video. I set our goals at 1 video per week, per paper. So basically I will probably end up cutting together 4 videos a week. It’s not going to be easy. But I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, the company actually purchased video cameras for the staff. In a time of furlough days, pay cuts and expense reductions it was a nice surprise. However, (let’s face it there is always a however) with the limited budget the equipment purchased was not the Canon XH-A1s and Sennheiser EW G3s that we would have liked. Instead we were given the Kodak Zi8 pocket video cameras and Audio-Technica wired lavaliere mics. The photo above shows the camera and mic along with my haggard Think Tank Photo Trim Changer.

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Flash Memory Based Pocket Camcorder Poll

UPDATED: (Really?! 3 Votes in 3 days, that’s it?) I have decided that I need to add one of these pocket camcorders to my list of gear. You never know where you will be when news breaks. If you are using one of these I would love to hear about what you have and how you like it. Sound off in the comments and vote to help me decide.

UPDATED: There is now a review of the Sony Bloggie over at Gizmodo. It doesn’t look good so maybe I should eliminate that choice.