Wednesday Web Links 3/9/11

Here’s a few links from stories that I have been reading this week.

  • A couple of months ago at Photokina 2010, Fujifilm announced the FinePix X100, a compact digital rangefinder-like camera. It pretty much stole the show and drew a lot of attention from both professionals and amateurs. It’s drawn so much attention that according to that there are now shortages of the camera. Looks like you will have to wait a bit to get your hands on one.
  • I stumbled upon The Atlantic’s photo blog called In Focus with Alan Taylor. It’s a similar format to the popular Boston Globe photo blog called the Big Picture. One post in particular caught my eye titled Libya’s Escalating Conflict. There are lots of good images in this gallery and worth a look in my opinion.
  • Rob Galbraith is reporting that Lastolite, makers of lighting controls, soft boxes and various other grip equipment, has been sold to Manfrotto parent company Vitec Group for about $15.8 million. Hopefully this will be a good thing for distribution and maybe bring down some of their prices. I like a lot of what they make but some of it (tri-flash bracket I’m looking at you) seems a little over priced.
  • And finally, a little shameless self promotion. I recently was accepted to My member page can be found here. I’m gonna try to update it as much as I can with different stuff than I post here. I didn’t realize how much information is available only to members. Good stuff.

Environmental Portraits

© Matthew Jonas 2010/Evergreen Newspapers 2010

I haven’t posted anything of value in a while so I thought I would write a little about a portrait I shot last week. I shoot a lot of environmental portraits. In the newspaper industry it is something that is used to illustrate a story where there isn’t an “action” shot to be made. In general, I really like shooting them because it pushes me to step outside my comfort zone and use some of that lighting gear that is usually collecting dust on my office floor.

The subject here is an 18 year old metal sculptor and amateur body builder. Because he wasn’t currently working on a new sculpture I chose to make a portrait instead. The portrait was made in the metal shop outside his home in Evergreen. I used 2 lights. The red-gelled-light on the left was used to signify welding sparks or molten hot metal. On the right side, I wanted a “light coming through an open door” look to give the shop a darker feel. I underexposed the ambient by 2 or 3 stops and filled it back in with the lights. Overall I am pretty happy with the end results. Looking back now I would probably add at least 2 more lights. I would put a light on a boom to illuminate the top of his welding helmet and I would try to illuminate the TIG welder to give a little more definition to the image. Other than that I like it.